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Why you should choose

Specialized Equipment

Our specialized equipment allow us to take care of unsightly and unwanted brush and overgrowth.  We are able to clear close to structures, bodies of water, fence lines, heavy wooded areas, ditches, and other hard to maintain areas.

Difficult Maintenance Areas

With our excavator attachment, we are able to reach wet areas, pond banks, ditches, over hanging limbs, and other areas that are difficult to maintain.

Ecologically Friendly Mulch By-Product

The finished product leaves an ecologically friendly mulch. Southwood Clearing takes pride in its ability to perform your brush maintenance with very little impact.


Free Estimates

Southwood Clearing is happy to provide you a free estimate for your brush cutting needs.


Qualified Staff

Our staff has over 30 years of combined experience and looks forward to working on your next project.



We understand our customers need contractors to be on time and in budget.  We pride ourselves in our responsive turn around to your project needs.

Southwood Clearing & Grinding specializes in brush cutting.

Why Us?

As an owner operator I can assure that you will get the quality you deserve. Attention to detail and project completion is our top priority.


Southwood Clearing has specialized equipment that can get around well landscaped areas with little disturbance. Machines are rubber track so that it does not cause heavy impact to surroundings.

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