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    •Utility Owners





    •Property Managers

    •Building Owners

    •Commercial Properties


      •Fence Line Clearing

      •Detention/Retention Pond Maintenance

      •Utility Easement Clearing

      •Creek Bank Clearing

      •Under Brush Removal

      •Land Site Improvements

      •Home Site Clearing

      •Wildlife Habitat Restoration

      •Storm Cleanup

      •ATV Trails & Paths

      •Nature Paths

      •Post Timber Restoration

      •Locust Control


        •Low Impact

        •No Silt Fence Required

        •Rubber Track Equipment

        •No Burning

        •No Chainsaws

        •Mulch Product Left

        •Increased Property Value

        •No Hauling

        •One Time Process

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        We are great at what we do

        Southwood Clearing & Grinding has over 40 years experience in the construction industry. Our experience and expertise allows us to give our customers a solution to their land clearing needs. We offer a low impact environmentally friendly brush cutting experience. Our coverage areas include all of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida. We have specialized equipment that allows us to fit in tight areas and clear overhead and on steep embankments that most equipment will not allow you to reach. If you need clearing or brush cutting around fences, steep embankments, pond dams, creek banks, overhead limbs, retention ponds, water spillways then look no further. We offer brush cutting in Georgia and surrounding states that will leave a nice product on your property, no permits, and no erosion control. Do NOT find yourself paying a lot for over sized tractors leaving your property in a condition that will require regrassing, erosion control devices, and heavy expense. We offer a one-stop solution. Please contact us for a free quote.

        Our specialization


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          ​Is your retention or detention pond up to code? Did you know that you may be responsible for keeping your ponds up to code? We work with HOA’s, businesses, property management groups, private residences, and developers to maintain the integrity of their ponds.

        • Detention Ponds

          Detention Ponds are designed to help control storm water runoff. If a retention pond is not reaching full capacity then storm water drainage problems may occur. Do you need to get your pond up to code for your inspection?

        • 💦

          Retention Pond

          Retention Ponds are also designed to help control storm water runoff. The primary difference between a detention pond and retention pond is that retention ponds usually retains some amount of water. All retention ponds are subject to annual or bi-annual city or county inspections.​

        • Specialized Equipment

          Southwood Clearing has specialized equipment that can get around well landscaped areas with little disturbance. Machines are rubber track so that it does not cause heavy impact to surroundings.

        • Ecologically Friendly

          The finished product leaves an ecologically friendly mulch. Southwood Clearing takes pride in its ability to perform your pond maintenance with very little impact

        What people who have worked with us have to say

        Kathryn Sosebee

        Southwood Clearing is responsive and their quality of work and attention to detail. They have performed brush maintenance around our barn, pool, driveway edge, and overhanging limbs near our house. We highly recommend them and their services.

        Kathryn SosebeeHome Owner

        Rickey Smith has performed brush cutting around our house and lake.  We were very pleased with his services and we now have a clear view of the lake.

        Lee BanksHome Owner